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It was a nice sunny day when three rednecks were walking down a Texas country road, when they saw a bush with a pig's ass popping out.

The first man says, "I wish that was Demi Moore's Ass."

The second man says, "I wish that was Pamela Anderson's Ass."

The third man says, "I wish it was dark."

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Note: This information is provided solely for the purpose of making people more aware of laws restricting certain consensual sexual behaviors in the United States.

The creator of this compilation is not a lawyer and the information contained herein is not intended as and should not be considered to be legal advice. While this information is believed to be factual, you should consult your state's lawbook or a lawyer for definitive legal opinions and advice prior to engaging in any consensual sexual act(s) with your adult partner. Furthermore, state laws are subject to change at any time, so you should periodically review them in order to determine if your behavior remains in compliance with them.