Maryland's Sodomy Law

Maryland has two laws aimed at stopping non-child-bearing sexual acts. Under Criminal Code 27553. Sodomy generally, a person successfully convicted of sodomy is sentenced to the penitentiary for not more than ten years.

Maryland case law has determined that penetration is required to constitute sodomy. ([Bradbury v. State, 233 Md. 421, 197 A.2d 126 (1964)])

If a person cannot be convicted of sodomy, they may still be in violated of Maryland Criminal Code 27553. Unnatural or perverted sexual practices. Successful prosecution here establishes a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) or imprisonment not exceeding ten years, or both at the discretion of the court.

27553. Unnatural or perverted sexual practices does not apply to consensual, noncommercial, heterosexual activity between adults that takes place in the privacy of the home.
[Schochet v. State, 320 Md. 714, 580 A.2d 176 (1990)]

It is immaterial whether consent was given when one person places one's sexual organs in the mouth of another, as this act is a violation of the criminal law of Maryland.
[Gooch v. State, 34 Md. App. 331, 367 A.2d 90 (1976), cert. denied, 280 Md. 735(1977)];
[Neville v. State, 290 Md. 364, 430 A..2d 570 (1981)]

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