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What We Are

The Alliance of Sodomy Supporters works to educate the public about sodomy, and is a supporter of the right for adults to engage in consensual non-commercial sexual acts.

Our membership is open to all who support the idea of sexual freedom for all adults. As an example of what faces us, currently oral sex remains illegal in many states despite its being enjoyed by people of all sexual preferences. We also advocate freedom to choose to engage in anal sex, an act rising in popularity among heterosexual couples as well as its traditional gay advocates.

We believe that it is a right for adults to be unrestrained by law when choosing sexual acts to engage in with a consenting adult partner.

What We Do

  • Work to legalize oral and anal sex between consenting adults
  • Increase public awareness of the variety of possible sexual behaviors
  • Educate the public on issues related to oral and anal sex
  • Provide public education programs to increase awareness of the history of sodomy and to stop the social marginalization of sodomy
  • Promote reduction of all imposition of shame related to sexual and all other behavior
  • Publicize alternative relationship paradigms that are both more realistic and safer in these times of dangerous and widespread venereal diseases

What We Do Not Do

We are not interested in combatting the "Age of Consent Laws" and we accept the premise that some people under the age of 18 may not be mentally mature enough to understand the consequences of their actions. It does not go without mention that the same is true of many people over 18.

In studying how other cultures treat sexuality and adolescence we find that education and a lack of repression results in a far more healthy personal and societal outcome than imposing measures to enforce antiquated Puritan beliefs.

We recommend the model of sexual education used in countries such as Holland in which birth control and useful sexual information is readily available and taught, resulting in the lowest teenage pregnancy rate in the world. This should be contrasted with the US approach and its less than respectable but entirely predictable results.

Our suggestions are to avoid the iconography of youth as "pure and innocent" while recognizing that teenagers have to be free in order to grow into responsible adults who can make their own rational decisions. In general, we believe that people under 18 should spend their time with others of a similar age, though it is unfortunate when government passes a law based around arbitrary ages it has decided determine maturity or immaturity, ensuring that their laws will be unfit and unfair for all but the most generic cases.

We are not interested in legalizing gay marriage or obtaining special rights for gays, though we recognize that sodomy laws are often used unfairly as a means of prosecuting gays for their behavior. We think gays are human beings and deserve the same legal rights as all other humans. In addition, the repeal of sodomy laws means that neither heterosexuals nor homosexuals would be subject to penalty for currently illegal consensual acts.

We are also not interested in the battle to legalize prostitution, though the public health risks of prostitution could probably be more significantly reduced by government regulation than by "morality" laws. Though there are varying social explanations for the interest in seeking prostitutes, we believe that many of those needs could be better met through healthier, clearly defined, and more honest approaches to relationships.

While the definition of sodomy often includes sexual acts with animals, we do not support efforts for the legalization of such acts because we think the desire for sex outside of one's species indicates part of a larger societal problem. However, we also do not favor penalization of such acts and we support the legislative reasoning of Missouri and its willingness to accept scientific rather than political reasoning in considering how to deal with such acts:

"The Committee felt . . . that it is no longer necessary or desirable to proscribe criminally unnatural acts between humans and animals unless such acts are covered by disorderly conduct or similar statutes. (Kinsey's studies indicate that when such acts occur, they are usually brief, youthful 'experiments' rather than part of a pattern of conduct that either contributes to or constitutes a significant degeneration of the individual involved. Kinsey, Pomeroy, Martin, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, (1st ed. 1948) at 667-678.) Focusing public attention on the person who happens to be found in such an act serves no useful social purpose and may seriously impair the development of the accused to a normal life."

The rise in popularity of bestiality/zoophilia is a result of extreme alienation that is becoming more common as society becomes increasingly commodity oriented. As products are seen as interchangeable, replaceable, and contingent only upon the capital needed to acquire them, so too are human beings. When sexuality similarly becomes reduced to an issue of a warm body available to satisfy a sexual need, the framework of capitalism has no objections because it cares nothing of humanity, culture, or family and is even in most cases opposed to them.

Traditional and healthy relationships are not only breaking down, but are failing to be established because there is no cultural base to which they could be connected, causing relationships to be a form of entertainment. Though we oppose this unfortunate but easily predictable result of capitalism, we do not favor any form of morality law. Instead we propose corrections to the societal designs that spawn "moral problems" rather than penalizing those who are the victims of these social constructs and act out the "moral problems" as a result.

For example, we don't propose penalization of drug users or sellers but instead a complete removal of the societal ills that cause someone to consider drug use as an option and to then accept it as a lifestyle decision that is better than what the rest of society has to offer. Correcting the root of all "moral problems" is the only way to remove them. Attacking symptoms is like imprisoning people who have caught a cold while not removing the disease that caused the cold that will infect others. These sort of impotent methods demonstrate that authority surely has force, but it also demonstrates that they use it stupidly, are unable to solve social problems, and that their efforts taken as a whole are generally harmful to society.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not advocate violating the laws governing sexual behaviors that may exist in your jurisdiction. Violating these laws may result in severe penalties. You should contact an attorney for legal advice prior to engaging in any sexual activity to ensure that your choices fall within the behaviors permitted by law.

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Note: This information is provided solely for the purpose of making people more aware of laws restricting certain consensual sexual behaviors in the United States.

The creator of this compilation is not a lawyer and the information contained herein is not intended as and should not be considered to be legal advice. While this information is believed to be factual, you should consult your state's lawbook or a lawyer for definitive legal opinions and advice prior to engaging in any consensual sexual act(s) with your adult partner. Furthermore, state laws are subject to change at any time, so you should periodically review them in order to determine if your behavior remains in compliance with them.